Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To summer dreams.

Considering that this summer is only half over I am amazed of how many changes have and will happen. Best friends moving away, re-kindling friendship’s with past flings, friends breaking up with their significant others. For me personally this has been a great summer. I went on an amazing trip, have spent some great time with my friend before he leaves for SF later next month. I have been to countless great shows and ran into old friends and met new ones. I’m excited because even though things are changing rapidly the people all around me seem to be taking charge of their life and demanding only the best from it. That excites me and gives me the pushes that I need occasionally to chase what I want out of life.
Looking forward, there is much in the next month: more great shows, a joint birthday celebration with my friend, possibly a new job with a really cute girl, and just trying everyday to be as productive as possible.

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